September 2017 - January 2018

1st Galls Lane,  off Throwleigh Rd cut back vegetation SX654917 Mike Gratton
8th Moortown Bottom continue the gorse bash SX664891 Mike W/Ian B
15th Meldon Wood removing fences around enclosures, path maintenance SX565925 Ian B/Ged
22nd Old Town Park, Okehampton drainage work, cutting back, wet flush tussocks SX585944 Cliff/Rob Sekula
29th DWT Steps Bridge clearing holly understorey SX804884 Derek/Andy Bakere

6th Pykes Meadow, Throwleigh further gorse bash (near to road junction area) SX660899 Ian Bowkley
13th Fingle Wood WT/NT TBA TBA Jim White/Mike W
20th Taw Green footpath clearing (could be wet) SX654967 Terry/Hugh Norman
27th Marshfield Farm Northlew harvesting local provenance, gathering acorns for growing on at Westonbirt SS534015 David/Sarah, Jim White/Mike W
3rd Lower Halstock Wood getting in from Fatherford - holly clearing and path repair SX603948 Ian B/Mike W
10th Okehampton Church annual tidy-up for Remembrance Sunday SX582951 Cliff
17th Taw Bottom Guide Camp general winter maintenance jobs SX645944 Mike W
24th Lower Hurston, Butterfly Trust wetland habitat management SX687843 Megan/Mike W

1st Stone Lane Gardens general winter management jobs SX708908 Paul/Mike W
8th Okehampton Castle Wood clearing holly understorey SX584943 Chris Bally/Mike W
15th Blackhall Farm, SW Highways woodland management, bulb planting? SX650950 Leo/Terry
22nd Gidleigh Tor clearing brash and saplings. Christmas Bash - mince pies, jacket potatoes etc SX671878 Karen Mark/Mike W
29th Fingle Wood WT/NT TBA TBA Jim White/Mike G

5th Payne's Bridge, Throwleigh Common gorse bash SX658916 Ian B/Mike W
12th Lower Hurston, Butterfly Trust further habitat management SX687843 Megan/Mike W
19th Heatree Activity Cent, Manaton woodland work SX 727807 Simon/Mike W
Rendevous for all tasks Finch Foundry car park 10am
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